Organizational Development

JGU’s Internal Auditing and Organizational Development staff unit leads or monitors organizational projects for the university management board, central administration, central institutions, and the university’s faculties by order of the Chancellor.

The staff unit’s tasks include conceiving, planning, and leading/monitoring the projects, as well as project control and supporting the implementation of the developed measures. The staff unit functions as an internal service and advising unit, since the direct participation of all of the involved persons in the revision of organizational topics is of decisive importance for the implementation of the adopted measures and is also the prerequisite for collective and sustainable learning within the or-ganization.

Depending on the project’s focus, an organizational unit’s structural and procedural organization, as well as topics such as system support, goals, and relations (s.a. communication) will be examined.

An important aspect of the staff unit’s work is the digitalization of the administration, which is overseen by the Chief Information Officer (CIO) and led by Internal Auditing and Organizational Development.

A central method for this is process modeling, during which processes are collected, analyzed, and optimized. Along with the participants in each case, the processes are visualized, possibilities for improvement are developed, and supplementary documents such as forms, leaflets, or checklists are created in order to facilitate the implementation of the new processes.

The current projects are:

  • Implementation of software for the university’s identity management (IDM) and of a new directory for staff and institutions
  • Implementation of digital procurement and invoice processing.
  • Implementation of software for room planning and allocation on the Mainz campus (RAPS)
  • Implementation of electronic business trip applications